Han Man is one of Lin Feng's friends and a former student of the Yun Hai Sect. He's extremely honest and straightforward. Before the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect, he managed to keep pace with Lin Feng's cultivation. Later Lin Feng finds him at the slave auction and manages to get his freedom along with Po Jun. During the events of the Arena, he faced a weird condition between cultivators called "the second awakening, in which his Earth Spirit re-awoke, further increasing his innate Blood Strength. After this, Han Man and Po Jun join the Chi Xie Troops and are promoted to lieutenants. Later it is revealed that, after going aboard, upon their return to Yangzhou City, Lin Hai asked Han Man and Po Jun to utilise their energies in order to rebuild the Yun Hai Mountain Range, after which, he made them both the new patriarchs of the new Yun Hai Sect.

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