Jing Yun is one of the minor female protagonists in "Peerless Martial God"


Lin Feng - She considers Lin Feng one of her best friends and to him she is his first real friend, but she is also in love with him. She has to get him out of her heart before she will marry Mo Yun Yao


Jing Yun was one of the first friends Lin Feng made. When Lin Feng was at Yun Hai Sect's Black Wind Mountain, he passed Jing Yun along with Han Man, Qing Yi and Jing Feng. Together, they formed a group and headed for the Stormy Gorge, only for Jing Feng to try to betray the group. Lin Feng killed Jing Feng and told the group to blame him, but they refused and headed to the Stormy Gorge, saying that everyone would keep the secret. Jing Yun met Lin Feng once again while escorting she was escorting Duan Feng to the Imperial City of Xue Yue. It was at this point that Lin Feng discovered that his identity was that of Duan Feng's servant, although their relationship was more like brother and sister. Because of her story with Lin Feng, she says he can travel with them. However, when things started to go wrong with the coach being attacked, his strength was insufficient to defend Lin Feng, who was being accused of being a mole after fighting the bad guys.

While Lin Feng was in Jiu Yue, he heard about something that was happening in the Ice Mountain Empire, that two of the strongest clans were fighting over a lady named Jing Yun, Lin Feng immediately confirmed his identity and confirmed that it was Jing Yun he had known ever since[1342]. Jing Yun was tied together with Mo Yun Yao, and the two were being offered to Narang Yu by Mo Clan. Upon seeing this, Lin Feng immediately killed the members of the Mo Clan and then released Jing Yun. He then killed Narang Yu in front of everyone. General Narang, Narang Yu's father, came to take revenge on his son, but upon seeing one of his subordinates, a 5th Zun Level Cultivator, killed by Lin Feng with a coup, he changes his tact and humbles himself before Lin Feng . He apologizes to Lin Feng, Jing Yun and Mo Clan and then leaves. Having secured her security, even in her absence, Lin Feng then says goodbye to Jing Yun, however, she steals a kiss from him and then runs away. She then tells Mo Yun Yao that she will marry him after having taken it out of her system.[1]


  • Lin Feng left a wisp of his consciousness in her body so as to know if anyone attacks her.
  • Jing Yun was in Jiu Yue due to having gone travelling with Duan Feng who wanted to see the world.
  • It seems that she has/had feelings for Lin Feng as in the manhua chapter 36.3 when Liu Fei confronted Lin Feng to talk alone, Jing Yun was seen pouting.
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