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Peerless Martial God Wikia

Lin Feng (Chinese: 林枫; Pinyin: lín fēng) is the main protagonist of Peerless Martial God.

He is a human, who throughout the story was known as Duo Ming, Patriarch [of the Yun Hai Sect], Chi Xie King of Dragon Mountain, King of Xue Yue, the Young Master of Jiange, Black Mage Mu Feng, Mu En, The One Abandoned by the Gods, Holy Dynasty Prince, Feng Ling, Daimon, Mu Lin, Divine Wrath, Peerless God.

Notably, he held various roles throughout the story, which were Yun Hai Sect's Outer Disciple, Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, Chi Xie Soldier, Leader of the Chi Xie Celestial Sword Unit, Chi Xie Marquis of Yangzhou City, Chi Xie King of Dragon Mountain, Champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, King of Xue Yue, Master of Tian Xuan, Leader of the Tian Chi Empire, Tiantai's Top Tian Qi Disciple, Young Master of Jiange, Tiantai's 11th Direct Disciple, Representative of Yao Ye Island, Mu Clan's Guard, Permanent Guest of Honor of Gold-Fire Tower, Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, Champion of the Meeting of the Nine Clouds, Core Disciple of the Fortune Shrine, Fighting Phantom, King of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Master of the Starry Sky World and finally leader of the Divine Wrath Alliance.


Early Life

Reincarnated from the modern era after a girl and a boy swindled him in his past life and sent him to prison for 8-10 years. On a rainy day, Lin Feng's consciousness merged with the cultivator Lin Feng of another world and they become one in body and soul. Lin Feng then starts cultivating and takes revenge on his cousin who had beaten him half to death prior to him coming to this world. He then goes on to become the star student of the Yun Hai Sect.

Yun Hai Sect Patriarch

When the Yun Hai Sect is destroyed, he's made the patriarch and in his bid to get stronger and take revenge, ends up studying cultivation at the Celestial Academy. He then becomes the Chi Xie Marquis of Yangzhou City and the winner of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. After winning the Competition of Xue Yue, he is named the Chi Xie King of Dragon Mountain and Ruler of Xue Yue by the Emperor of Dragon Mountain. On the day that he was meant to marry Meng Qing and Duan Xin Ye, he was attacked by Duan Ren Huang, Duan Wu Dao, Duan Wu Ya and some of the influential sects from around Dragon Mountain. As a result, he ended up being possessed by the Nine Evil Swords. Under the possession of the swords, he wipes out the imperial family of Xue Yu along with the Tian Qi cultivators that had accompanied Duan Wu Dao and Duan Wu Ya. Afterwards, while trying to get the swords under control and trying to regain his consciousness, he ends up fighting against a Zun Qi level cultivator and is saved by a soul imprint left on him by Xiao Wu Tian.

Joining the Tian Chi Empire

With his sanity and consciousness regained, along with Tang You You, he decides to head across the continent for the Exploration of the Jade Emperor's Tomb and finds an opportunity in the Tian Chi Empire. After successfully qualifying to enter the tomb as part of the Tian Chi Empire's contingent, he shows a proficiency in understanding the Demoniac Emperor's scribbles and successfully manages to acquire the Jade Emperor's Palace. In the aftermath of his success, he chases Duan Wu Ya back to the East Sea Dragon Palace, before he's chased into the legendary Death Valley of the Gan Yu region. Upon his return to the Tian Chi Empire, Lin Feng is anointed the leader of Tian Xuan. However, he must undergo the Exam of the Snowy Peaks in order to receive the acceptance of the leaders of the Snowy Peaks, during which he breaks through to the first Tian Qi layer.

Joining Tiantai

Having already been named the next leader of Tian Xuan, Tian Ji Zi names Lin Feng as the next leader of the Tian Chi Empire and then sends him off to take part in Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu's Recruitment Process. Lin Feng manages to become the first disciple of the Tian Qi layer of Tiantai. Soon after he manages to heal Meng Qing and then is sent to take part in Fortune City by Mu Chen. He successfully manages to overcome the various challenges of Fortune City and establishes a reputation amongst the younger generation of Ba Huang, culminating in him achieving an unprecedented invite from Mara-Deva, to become his disciple.

Personal Disciple of Tiantai

Afterward he becomes a personal disciple of Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi by breaking through the Sky Beyond the Sky in Tiantai, before he endeavors to make Qiu Yue Xin his third wife. He challenges the number one disciple from Tian Long Divine Castle, Long Teng, for the right to marry Qiu Yue Xin, defeating him, and due to interference from Bai Qiu Luo, ends up escalating tensions between Tiantai and both Tian Long Divine Castle and Sunset Pavilion. Qiu Yue Xin attempts to protect Lin Feng from his enemies and so she chases Bai Qui Luo to Central Ba Huang. Lin Feng follows and ends up in a public battle again Qi Tian Sheng, in which he defeats him and garners the Qi Clan as enemies. Shortly after, Lin Feng heads back to Xue Yue, after seeing that many of the strong cultivators from Ba Huang have gone there.

Returning to Xue Yue

Once in Xue Yue, he partakes in the Grave-robbing Empress Xi and the Netherworld Demon Emperor, where he establishes the identity of Mu Feng and even manages to successfully get the Three Lives Scriptures. When Lin Feng returns to Ba Huang, he's quickly drawn into the war between Tiantai and Tian Long Divine Castle and subsequently partakes in the destruction of the Yang Clan before being trapped in an empty space by Qi Qian Xing. When Lin Feng gets his bearings, he finds that he's on the bridge between Ba Huang and Jiu Yue, a battleground for strong Zun level cultivators, luckily he sees Yi Ren Lei and he begins traveling with her.

Visiting Jiu Yue

Yi Ren Lei takes Lin Feng, as Mu Feng, to the Ice and Snow Empire of Jiu Yue, where she is a princess and informs him that she needs his help in a bid to get into the Ice and Snow Shrine (Event). Lin Feng agrees and in the days leading up to the opening of the shrine, he poses as her boyfriend. Once the shrine opens, they both go inside and Lin Feng is able to progress his cultivation by using the opportunities provided by the Ice and Snow Shrine, before switching to the Demon Shrine where he's able to acquire two demonic shadows and some demonic scriptures.

The Meeting of the Emperors

Having felt he had got all that he could get from the Demon Shrine, Lin Feng leaves and meets Xiao Yu, who he travels back to Ba Huang with in order to attend the Meeting of the Emperors. There, he joins the Meeting of the Emperors, still posing as Mu Feng and so doesn't join up with his fellow cultivators of Tiantai. However, never one to forget a grudge, Lin Feng quickly begins taking out members of Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan mercilessly. It was only when he was attacked by a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi Layer, that he was forced to reveal his identity, shocking the crowd with his proficiency and sheer numeracy of energies that he understands. He, along with the other direct disciples of Tiantai, were able to finish the Meeting of the Emperors, qualifying for the Hunt for the Hunt for the Fate Seeds.

The Hunt for the Fate Seeds

He, along with the other direct disciples of Tiantai and other young cultivators that qualified from the Meeting of the Emperors, enter another small world near the Huang Sea, where they spend three years hunting for Fate Seeds, items used to enter the Holy City. During these three years, Lin Feng rises from the third to sixth Zun Qi layer, and obtains nine Fate Seeds. He destroys several Zun Qi cultivators, including some princes of Tian Long Divine Castle.

Meeting Lin Wu Shang

After returning from the Hunt for the Fate Seeds, he quickly decides that he'll go and visit Xue Yue again. The first thing he does is visit the Yun Hai sect, where Han Man and Po Jun show him the resurrection firsthand. Afterward, he goes to visit his family, where he soon finds out that he's now an older brother and thus gets to spend time with his little brother, Lin Wu Shang. Lin Feng then decides to eliminate all of his remaining enemies in Xue Yue, using the power of Jiange to accomplish his goals, ensuring the safety of his family and friends, even in his absence.

War for the Small World

Having returned to Tiantai, Lin Feng has to witness the disbanding of Tiantai, as the Qi Clan, Tian Long Divine Castle and the Si Kong clan join hands to attack the power of Northern Ba Huang. However, Lin Feng attends the wedding of Xue Bi Yao in Jiu Yue, with Emperor Yu, where it is revealed that the war between Tiantai and the various other clans, was in fact a proxy war between the Watchers and the Imperial Assassin Union. With Ba Huang in disarray and the open hostilities between the Watchers and the Imperial Assassin Union, Lin Feng is forced to increase his strength and is sent to the Celestial Walls Manor to study Martial Force, where he reunites with Yun Fei Yang. Shortly after, things reach a tipping point in Ba Huang and Emperor Dong of the Qi Empire attacks Emperor Yu. If not for Yan Di's intervention, he would've died, but this was the catalyst for all of the emperors and strong young cultivators to gather and escape from the small world that is the Nine Clouds Continent (Small World).

Escaping the Small World

Though having escaped, they ran into the forces of the Nine Celestial Castles, which led to Lin Feng being captured. There, he's forced to pretend to be controlled by Master Mi, before eventually capturing the eye of Shen Yu who would take him to Yao Ye Island and raise his Martial Intent to the maximum.

Yao Ye Island

When on Yao Ye Island, the Great Emperor there managed to hear of some clues to the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance, and sends Lin Feng back to the Nine Celestial Castles as a representative of Yao Ye Island, to see if he can get the treasures.

Becoming a Deployment Spell Master

Lin Feng quickly manages to swindle the keys to the inheritance and eventually makes it into the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace, where he reunites with Yan Di. Within the Palace, he learns the Shattering Deployment Spell and before he can learn any more, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace is attacked. As a result, Lin Feng receives the full inheritance of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, receiving all 3,000 deployment spells directly, and then, along with Muyi, who he had met on the way in, make a break for it.

Gold-Fire City

With Lin Feng being hunted, due to being suspected of receiving the inheritance, Muyi takes him to Gold-Fire City, via the Nine Celestial Castles, whereby Lin Feng ends up helping Mu Lin Xue attain victory in the Gold-Fire Tower Manufacturing Tournament. Afterward, having managed to reunite Muyi and his daughter, Lin Feng stays a while to improve his energies. However, on a trip with the elders of Gold-Fire Tower, they end up disturbing a ritual of the World Clan that was designed for Lang Ye.

Vast Celestial Ancient City

Lin Feng and Lang Ye end up becoming friends, and so Lin Feng leaves Meng Qing in the care of the World Clan and he goes traveling with Lang Ye to the Vast Celestial Ancient City. There, Lin Feng ends up reuniting with Yi Ren Lei, who is now a Celestial Girl of the Moon Imperial Palace and ends up fighting against the various cultivators that are far stronger than the average top of the Zun Qi Layer cultivators. However, there, he's dubbed the "One Abandoned by the Sky", due to the fact that despite having seven cosmic energies, the sky refuses to cleanse his body. People begin to suspect that he's actually an Imperial Kalpa. With Lin Feng having such a contemptuous relationship with so many of the Holy Clans from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Great Emperor from the Animal Clan provides Lin Feng with social status by declaring that he's engaged to Qing Feng, in the hope that they may actually develop feelings for one another. Afterward, the Great Emperor of the Animal Clan takes Lin Feng traveling and Lin Feng manages to stabilize his cosmic powers. Later, Lin Feng leaves the Animal Clan once more and heads back to Vast Celestial Ancient City where he reunites with Jun Mo Xi, who reveals himself to be the Prince of King of Hell Palace, before slaughtering members of the Heaven Clan, including Cang Xiao. Afterwards, he gets a sky boat from Duan Mu and heads off to the Holy City.

Traveling to the Holy City

While traveling to the Holy City, Lin Feng attempts to break through to the Huang Qi Layer with his Life Energies. In the process of doing this, he creates a Small World to practice in and this takes the form of a fantastic tree. While he's within the Small World, some cultivators see the tree and think it's a treasure, take it back to their tribe, the Medicine Clan. Once the elders of the Medicine Clan see the tree, they realize that it also has Death Energies and break the tree open, revealing a disgruntled Lin Feng. However just as the tribe are in the process of apologizing, Huang Fu Long pops up, with it having turned out that he'd been within the tribe cultivating and growing stronger thanks to their medicines. After being introduced to Huang Fu Long's friend, a tribe member by the name of Tantai. The three head off to the Holy City with the express purpose of joining the Champion University.

Resurrecting Tiantai

Lin Feng's status within Champion University quickly rose after he reunited with Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. Together, along with Huang Fu Long, they rebuilt Tiantai as a faction. This action caused them to head to head with Ji Chang's Club, though with the talents of the former inhabitants of Ba Huang, they wouldn't be too disadvantaged. After traveling back to Vast Celestial Ancient City and helping Yan Di fend off Empress Xi in order to resurrect the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, he was rewarded with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, as such, he shared them with all of the core members of Tiantai and then, upon returning to Champion University, toppled Ji Chang's Club's Sun Division as the largest and strongest faction among the freshman. With Tiantai established and cemented as a force within the University, they would naturally attract some strong members. Subsequently, Jing Shou, the third strongest on the Lower List of the Champion University chose to join Tiantai. When he asked to join, he informed Lin Feng that he was actually from the Small World and that he was actually the first assassin of the Imperial Assassin Union, and that due to this, he knew that Wen Ao Xue was actually the second assassin. Lin Feng accepted him as a member of Tiantai. Lin Feng, now determined to return to the Small World, went to see the Medicine Clan in order to seek medicine to heal Wu Tian Jian. They told him of the Godly Wood Clan and the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and Lin Feng subsequently went to seek both out. After managing to acquire the ruler of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees using his Demon affinity, he went back to Champion University, put Jing Shou and Yun Qing Yan in charge of recruitment, collected a team and left.

Returning to the Nine Celestial Castles

With a force from Tiantai in tow, Lin Feng picked up Mu Lin Xue from Gold-Fire City and then Xing Zhan, Ban Ruo and Li Hen from Yao Ye Island, as well as Yuan Fei and Mu Yun before heading back to the Nine Celestial Castles. There, right in the center of the buffer zone, they built a castle and began establishing Tiantai as a force. Though they were met with some resistance, Lin Feng's group swiftly wiped out the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings, as well as suppressing the Celestial Wen Castle, though he would later destroy the Celestial Wen Castle for offending Jun Mo Xi. In taking over the Nine Celestial Castles, he would be forced to defeat Ni Chen and Great Emperor Qing. It was only when Celestial Emperor Qing arrived, who made Great Emperor Qing apologize, that things would be settled, with Celestial Emperor Qing, better known as Duan Mu, gifting the area of the Nine Celestial Castles to Lin Feng.

Returning to the Small World

Lin Feng took the forces of Tiantai and entered back into the Small World. Everyone that had things to do dispersed, while Qing Feng and Wu stayed fairly local to Ba Huang. With Lin Feng having returned, he quickly went to see Wu Tian Jian in order to heal his wounds. This actually allowed Wu Tian Jian to breakthrough to become a Celestial Emperor and subsequently gave Jiange a ray of hope. Though this wasn't needed as Lin Feng summoned the strong cultivators from the Wen Clan and the Si Kong Clan. Upon Jun Mo Xi arriving and informing Lin Feng that the Wen Clan and Si Kong Clan destroyed the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, Lin Feng ordered Wu to assist Jun Mo Xi in wiping out the Wen Clan. He then left Ba Huang to Jiange to manage, with Qing Feng and Wu to oversee the transition while he went to visit Xue Yue. Though not before taking on Ye Chen, who had spent the years previous trying to resurrect Tiantai in the small world, on as his first disciple.

Returning to Xue Yue II

While taking a stroll through Xue Yue on his way to see his family, Lin Feng felt one of the protection strands he had left on his family members broken. He immediately began rushing over and just as he got there, found that his brother had been attacked by a pair of outsiders that were relying on an imperial weapon to overcome the might of his brother, taking his arm in the process. The two Lin brothers teamed up, allowing Lin Wu Shang to take his revenge with a newly gifted imperial weapon that Lin Feng bestowed on him. After defeating the two and reuniting with the rest of his family, Lin Feng then declared that anyone that wanted to leave Xue Yue should and everyone else should remain knowing that they'll never probably leave. After a period of time, Lin Feng then moved all of the residents into the duplicate Xue Yue that he had created inside his spirit. There he also healed Lin Wu Shang and told his family that they would live there from now on.

Going To Hell

Lin Feng decided to go an investigate the outsiders. After all, as they were about to lose their lives, the incarnation of a Celestial Emperor appeared and threatened him, to no avail. Lin Feng's investigation took him to a forbidden area in Jiu Yue where he would bath in a river of Death Qi. Lin Feng created a clone using the Three Lives Scriptures and then got into the river with his main body. Shortly after, the one who threatened Lin Feng, the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights, turned up and raised a gate from within the river. After looking at the gates for a while, the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights turned to Lin Feng and made him enter to test it. Lin Feng, at a disadvantage in strength, entered the gates and found himself in Hell. He then sent his clone back to Champion University for fear of missing the date with the Moon Group. In Hell, Lin Feng quickly realized that it was a Great World and began looking for a method to the get back to the Nine Clouds Continent. It was there that he heard about the exams for the army of Great Imperial Song City. Lin Feng managed to pass the exam in the most spectacular manner, breaking through to become a Mid-Level Emperor in the process. Not only did he receive a receive an invitation to the city, he also managed to get an Uptala Lotus and Hellfire.

Challenge of the Celestial Country

Lin Feng had been rather impressive while in Hell and while out on a battle for a Small World, he and Jian Mang managed to win the battle of the Mid-Level Emperors. After the impressive feat, while staying with Minister Uptala, Lin Feng found out about the Challenge of the Celestial Country. Knowing that he had to raise his strength in a short period of time, he adamantly requested to go and as though Minister Uptala was reluctant, he acquiesced and allowed Lin Feng to go. Within the Celestial Country, Lin Feng through life and death battles managed to upgrade his understanding of Deployment Spells, Life energies and Death energies too. He was quickly recruited to join the Jalacandra Fairyland and with some support, went out to explore the Celestial Country. While exploring, he ended up meeting Aoxu, who after summoning the dragon out of Lin Feng's body, Aomo, took them to the Milky-Way Battlefield. There they stumbled upon the Pathfinder Peak, and Lin Feng went inside in a bid to confirm his path. After successfully passing through the Pathfinder Peak, the Celestial Country was besieged by the forces of the Nine Clouds Continent, including those of Champion University led by Ji Chang. Lin Feng organized the resistance and when the gate to leave the Celestial Country opened once more, he quickly left to build reinforcements.

Returning from Hell

After leaving the Celestial Country, Lin Feng was met by Shichuan, vice minister to the Uptala district. While Traveling with Shichuan, Lin Feng was made aware of the situation that Jian Mang had fallen into, which ultimately led to the capture of Qing Qing. Lin Feng subsequently orchestrated a plan that would allow for the escape of himself and Qing Qing, but ultimately was forced to return. Eventually, both Qing Qing and Minister Uptala gave up their lives to ensure the future of Lin Feng, with Minister Uptala turning himself into a Path of the Way Uptala Lotus. With his final energies, he managed to get Lin Feng to safety, only for Lin Feng to be met by Juzi of the Demon Clan. Lin Feng returned to the Demon Clan and kidnapped Yama Hua, the wife of Juzi in order to give himself some freedom within the Demon Clan, before stealing their Demon Pond and making his way back to the entrance of the Celestial Country. As he entered the Celestial Country, he released Yama Hua, keeping his promise. Once in the Demon Land, he released Jian Mang from his internal world and the two of them slaughtered their way across the Milky Way Battlefield. Eventually they stumbled across Aoxu. At this time, Lin Feng's clone was killed as the battle of Tiantai versus the Moon Group took place. After healing his soul injuries, the three of them eventually made it to the exit of the Dark Night Region, where they used Aoxu's Dragon Clan background in order to exit.

Tiantai versus Ji Chang's Club

As Lin Feng, Aoxu and Jian Mang battled in the Celestial Country, the traveled from the exit of the Celestial Country to the Holy City, while traveling, they happened upon Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi told them that Ji Chang had been declared a Champion of the Holy City and would thus be having a celebratory banquet. Lin Feng donned a mask and then they all went to the banquet. While there, they humiliated the Ji Clan, with Jian Mang blinding Ji Wuyou in the process and then they left. Upon returning to the university, Lin Feng said that they would solve their issues at the crowning ceremony within the university. On the day of the crowning ceremony, Lin Feng led Tiantai, as well as Jian Mang and Aoxu to kill the members of the Stone Group and cripple the members of Ji Chang's club. Lin Feng would eventually battle Ji Chang to a standstill and thus be deemed as an asset of Champion University. Ji Chang told Lin Feng that he would continue to the battle during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List and the two groups then dispersed.

Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List

Despite having exhibited his strength, not much was expected of Lin Feng on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, however Lin Feng managed to dazzle all in attendance and eventually finish third, only behind Chu Chun Qiu and Ji Chang. The finale of the event was an epic battle between Ji Chang and Lin Feng, which eventually ended in a draw. However, due to the fact that Lin Feng's cultivation was lower than Ji Chang's, his reputation swelled once more.

The Politics of the Ancient Holy Clans

In the wake of the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, Lin Wu Shang had left Lin Feng's small world in order to grow in strength, while in the Holy City, he had managed to meet Yin Yue and the two of them had struck up a relationship. However, as she was from an Ancient Holy Clan, she was coveted by many strong cultivators in order to build alliances. Lin Feng, with his brother's happiness in mind, decided to take on the Pei Clan, front-runners for Yin Yue's hand. Given that Pei Dong Lai had continually tried to undermine the efforts of Lin Feng during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, Lin Feng had no qualms about breaking the planned alliance between the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan, eventually getting the Yin Clan to consent to the marriage between Lin Wu Shang and Yin Yue. However, shortly after, Xiao Ya asked Lin Feng to take her to watch Ying Chen breakthrough to the Di Qi Layer. Just as Ying Chen broke-through, Xiao Wu Tian made an attempt on his life. Then a member of the Ji Clan attempted to assault Lin Feng's memories attempting to the steal the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, this led to Lin Feng teaming up with Xiao Wu Tian to kill the cultivator of the Ji Clan and then taking refuge in Champion University. The Ancient Holy Clans then set their sights on Lin Feng and attempted to take him from the university, only to kick a steel plate. They then sat outside and applied pressure. Eventually, some of the members of Tiantai called some of the strong cultivators that backed them along with Lang Ye, who called a strong member of the World Clan. The Holy Great Emperors all thought over Lin Feng, with the Ji Clan, Ying Clan, Pei Clan, and Yu Wen Clan all joining together against the Champion University, Animal Clan and the World Clan. However, it was only when Shi Jue Lao Xian got involved and wielded the power of a sage that things settled down. Given that his cultivation exceeded that of everyone after Lin Feng's life, his word held weight and the four clans left. They would forever be unable to target Lin Feng with anyone who's cultivation was too far above his. As a result, Lin Feng immediately went to the Ji Clan and slaughtered all of their emperors before returning to the university.

Qi Tian Holy Town

Due to an ongoing relationship with the Tianci Dynasty, every 100 years, the top geniuses of Champion University are summoned to Qi Tian Holy Town for the Expedition to the Holy Place. Lin Feng made friends with Piao Xue, the princess of the dynasty and they, along with the members of Tiantai who were in, attended the various different events that would lead up to the opening of the Holy Place. One such event was the trial Holy Way Stage. It was due to this event, where the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty would invite their guests to try and ascend the stairs to sit on a throne that was made up of a saints remains that Lin Feng became a Holy Spirit Dynasty Prince. Once the entrance to the Holy Place opened, Lin Feng was able to showcase his growth, initially killing a spirit, before fighting Cang Ye, Mo An Ran and Prince Yan. After the awakening of the beings that were trapped there and Tianhun, the Holy Place was able to accommodate Great Emperors and as such, the Ancient Holy Clans all went in to seek treasures. Though initially the Tianci Dynasty defended Lin Feng, upon finding out about the death of Prince Yan and under the orders of Tianhun, they attempted to hunt Lin Feng, though with the help of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they were suppressed.

Losing Meng Qing

Lin Feng's haul from the Expedition to the Holy Place was fairly significant and as such, he stayed in the Holy Spirit Dynasty to assimilate his new experiences and techniques. Though while he was doing this, the Snow Clan, in a bid to take Meng Qing, orchestrated an attack on the Holy Spirit Dynasty. In the end, the Snow Clan sent a saint and Shi Jue Lao Xian once again intervened. He negotiated that Lin Feng would be able to retrieve his wife in 20 years if he could go to the Snow Clan and defeat their monarchs. However Lin Feng would first have to prove his qualification—something Lin Feng was more than willing to do after the Holy Spirit Dynasty's Holy Concubine, Tang You You, was injured while helping to defend him against the attacks of the various other dynasties—by fighting eight against one in a Battle of the Ice World. Lin Feng fought the young geniuses of the Huang Qi Layer, which included Ji Chang, Prince Chen and Zhuo Qing. After killing four of his opponents, Lin Feng managed to knock out and injure the last four, though his life was in jeopardy as a result. However, he had won the right to compete for the return of his wife in 20 years. Shi Jue Lao Xian took Lin Feng away, before leaving him and Tang You You in the care of Xiao Wu Tian.

Rescuing Mu Chen

Under the care of Xiao Wu Tian, Lin Feng and Tang You You were quickly recovering, though both were in comas. After six months Lin Feng woke up and upon waking up, put Tang You You in his internal world. It was at this time that he began to prepare for the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. As he got ready to leave the Dark Clouds region, his brothers from Tiantai told him that they too needed to head to Godly Clouds. After some pushing, Lin Feng got them to admit that it was to save Mu Chen who was seemingly in trouble. The group traveled to the Judgement Day City and while there, even partook in the auction from the Doomsday Auction House, where he snapped up everything. The group also found out that it was almost impossible to travel between the continents as such a big group in a short period of time, so Lin Feng put the members of Tiantai into his internal world and made the journey on his own. Though there was some trouble, Lin Feng made it to Qing Shan City and after observing the situation for a bit, the members of Tiantai took part in the Competition for the Deployment Mines to save Mu Chen. Upon saving Mu Chen, they all decided that they would travel to the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds separately.

Acquiring the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron

While the rest largely traveled straight to Godly Clouds City, Lin Feng took a detour via the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry. His goal was to test and deepen his knowledge of deployment spells, after having gone up against a couple of the members in the Competition for the Deployment Mines. Lin Feng created a new record when he passed their entry exam and as a result, they wanted him to commit to being a student there. However, Lin Feng refused. The Li Ministry plotted against him and the Gan Ministry seemed to want to befriend him, but ultimately, with the resurrection of a saint, they too ended up targeting Lin Feng. Lin Feng's soul ended up in the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron, but this actually gave him a chance to escape. Having managed to get his body back, he fled from the ministry and headed for Godly Clouds City.

Progression and Abilities

Martial Spirits

Celestial Fang

  • Celestial Fang - Initially referred to as his Snake Spirit, as of chapter 63 has only been recently awakened and can eat/absorb other beasts and grant Lin Feng their incarnations in the form of extra-martial spirits. In chapter 232 it transforms into a six-headed dragon. This is the true form of celestial fang which can only be inherited by a direct descendant of the Yue Clan. The spirit is also able to restore Lin Feng's pure Qi after consuming ferocious beasts. In chapter 385 it gains the 7th head and the seventh head is different from the previous 6 heads. The 7th head belongs to the shaman spirit of Wu Zhen who was defeated by Lin Feng. This head allows Lin Feng to make ferocious beasts submit and fall under his control if they are below Lin Feng in cultivation level. In 1051 is revealed by Lin Feng that even if his spirit is referred as a nine-headed dragon, it wasn't a real one and that using each dragon head is able to absorb up to 9 different types of spirits and use them as its own. Is currently hinted that it allows the user to understand and control absorbing energies.
    • Illusion Wolf Spirit (former): Allows the user to manipulate illusions of oneself. Absorbed from Illusion Wolf beast.
    • Ice Snow Spirit (Former): Allows the user to easily understand and control ice energies. Absorbed from Meng Qing energies
    • Purple Dragon Spirit[232] (Former): A formless spirit that allows the user to manipulate its properties by the use of the soul. Absorbed from Zun beast Purple Dragon's blood.
    • Shaman Spirit[385] (Former): A creep looking spirit that allows the user to influence the target's soul and to easily tame beasts as strong or weaker than the user. Absorbed from Wu Zhen.
    • Silver Wings Spirit[1010] (Current/1st head): A dazzling spirit that allows the user to easily understand and control wind energies, the feathers possess a similar constitution to swords and drastically increase the user's speed. Absorbed from Chou Jun Luo.
    • Shadow Spirit[1050] (Current/2nd head): A sinister spirit that allows the user to naturally turn invisible and disappear, blending with the darkness. Absorbed from a Hunter of Darkness.
    • Aggressive Battle-Ax[1207](Current/3rd head): A metamorphic golden spirit that allows the user to greatly increase its overall power. Absorbed from Xuan Yuan.
    • Demonic Dark Dragon
  • Supreme Dark Demonic Dragon Spirit - Or version 2, is the result of Lin Feng fusing his "Celestial Fang" with Great Yin Dragon (v2).
  • Version 3 - His "Supreme Dark Demonic Dragon Spirit" fuses with his soul and body.

Celestial Book Spirit

The Celestial book is a VERY rare spirit, that is known for been a dark-type spirit, allowing the cultivation of dark techniques such as demonic and cursing skill to be learned so easily and at a fast rate, and the use of dark abilities from the spirit itself in the form of pages like:

  • Dark Eyes (First page)[43] - Omniscient perception and the monstrous power of understanding. This manifests physically as black holes for eyes.
  • Warlord's Sword (Second page)[182] - Understanding of the sword with extremely high mastery that enables his understanding of the sword to deepen with every experience of the sword he has.
  • Grim Fire (Third page)[346] - The power of a black lotus, burning and corroding everything in it's path, using pure Qi as the power source to produce a terrifying black fire.
  • Empty Space (Fourth page)[851] - An empty space as a black hole that absorb any kind of Qi that is contained in a treasure and draw out its qualities, making Ling Feng able to use that Qi as his own, keeping it's properties and qualities without having to take out the treasure. It overwrites each time a different Qi is absorbed and not all treasures are compatible, like in the case of the Jade Emperor's Heart Imperial Qi. After some experimentation, he noticed that he is able to store any object and record holy marks inside the book, to maximize his perception of what is recorded, and study it any time he wants, making him a comparison to a super notebook.
  • Small World (Fifth page)[1697] - This page of book gives Lin Feng his own Small World -obtained after failing to break through to the Huang Qi Layer even after awakening seven different Cosmic energies out of rage and insanity, where unlike conventional Small Worlds, he is the absolute ruler and God, able to control everything and anything inside. This page reveals to Lin Feng that his body was in fact "Restriction Body". Lin Feng's world acknowledges him as a Martial Emperor, unlike the outside world, aka the Great World, where he is portrayed as a Zun Qi cultivator who was "Abandoned by the Gods". It provides Lin Feng with infinite Cosmic energies, even at Zun Qi Layer, and because of how this world and the outside world are isolated from each other, Lin Feng is able to trap his enemies inside, and make them unable to replenish their own Cosmic energies. With time his Small World develops into a second great world. It contains billions of people and even Lin Feng's whole family and friends come to live in his "Small World" after he offended a great number of terrifyingly strong cultivators and groups of influence in the Great World.


Qi Cultivation Level Novel Chapter Manhua Chapter
5th Qi Layer 0001 0001.1
6th Qi Layer 0002 Skipped
7th Qi Layer 0005 0001.2
8th Qi Layer 0011 0005.1
9th Qi Layer 0027 0015.2
1st Ling Qi Layer 0043 0018.3
2nd Ling Qi Layer 0063 0033.2
3rd Ling Qi Layer 0093 0036.3
4th Ling Qi Layer 0134
5th Ling Qi Layer 0152
6th Ling Qi Layer 0178
7th Ling Qi Layer Skipped
8th Ling Qi Layer 0218
9th Ling Qi Layer 0294
1st Xuan Qi Layer 0336
2nd Xuan Qi Layer 0390
3rd Xuan Qi Layer 0459
4th Xuan Qi Layer 0536
5th Xuan Qi Layer 0602
6th Xuan Qi Layer 0654
7th Xuan Qi Layer 0654
8th Xuan Qi Layer 0675
9th Xuan Qi Layer 0754
1st Tian Qi Layer 0853
2nd Tian Qi Layer 0930
3rd Tian Qi Layer 0998
4th Tian Qi Layer 1023
5th Tian Qi Layer 1109
6th Tian Qi Layer 1157
7th Tian Qi Layer 1193
8th Tian Qi Layer 1214
9th Tian Qi Layer 1281
1st Zun Qi Layer 1334
2nd Zun Qi Layer 1359
3rd Zun Qi Layer 1401
4th Zun Qi Layer 1425
5th Zun Qi Layer 1431
6th Zun Qi Layer 1431
7th Zun Qi Layer 1515
8th Zun Qi Layer 1562
9th Zun Qi Layer 1617
Huang Qi Layer 1868
Medium-Level Emperor 1937
High-Level Emperor 2038
Great Emperor Skipped
God Level: 1st Layer (Celestial Emperor Equivalent) 2263
God Level: 1st Layer (Saint Emperor Equivalent) 2294
Low-Level Saint 2396
God Level: 2nd Layer (High-Level Saint Equivalent) 2450
Peerless Saint 2476
God Skipped
Absolute God (Perfect Sovereign) 2499


  • Lin Feng began to follow the path of Life and Death while undertaking the Challenge of the Celestial Country[1868].

Body Cultivation

9 Herukas Body Cultivation

Herukas Body Layer Qi Equivalent Chapter
2000 Heruka Rotations 2nd Xuan Qi Layer 502
3000 Heruka Rotations 3rd Xuan Qi Layer 502
4000 Heruka Rotations 4th Xuan Qi Layer 532
5000 Heruka Rotations 5th Xuan Qi Layer 575
6000 Heruka Rotations 6th Xuan Qi Layer 616
7000 Heruka Rotations 7th Xuan Qi Layer 654 (668)
8000 Heruka Rotations 8th Xuan Qi Layer Skipped
9000 Heruka Rotations 9th Xuan Qi Layer 808

Kalpa Strength

  • Kalpa Strength is the strength of one's own internal world. To use Kalpa Strength rather than the strength of the world is to rely on ones' own internal energies. For most people, the drawbacks are that the energies of one's internal world are far lesser than that of the heaven and earth, however, Lin Feng's body negates this drawback. As a bonus, after studying the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures and being cleansed eighteen times by Kalpa Strength, Lin Feng's body became as strong as a Medium-Level Emperor's body[1798] and he also possessed the strength that could be as explosive as Medium-Level Emperors' cosmic energies.

Restriction Body

  • Lin Feng discovers his Restriction Body while traveling the Great World[1696], this essentially means that his potential is unlimited. Users of this Body are not accepted by the gods in the outside world, meaning that the user is the master of my own life, not the gods, needing to rely in oneself in all ways to grow stronger. As a result of his Restriction Body, he doesn't have the same cultivation level as others.[2263]

Saint Body

  • Lin Feng obtains a Saint Body. Becoming literally invulnerable to attacks of anyone below saint king.


  • Demon Scriptures[1368]
    • Gives a Demon skill-set.
  • Three Lives Scripture[1297]
    • A technique that allows one to clone themselves and live independently while maintaining a connected consciousness. The technique allows one to clone themselves into three bodies, each with one third of the strength of the original. Each one of those bodies can clone itself into three with one-third strength and so on. If one is proficient enough at this technique, they're able to cultivate independently and even if a body dies, despite being a huge loss, it wouldn't affect the main body[1849].
  • Sun and Moon Fusion Scripture[1353]
    • Allow the understanding of opposite forces by the knowledge of Yin-Yang.
  • Immortal-Demon General Scripture[1365]
    • Allow the understanding of Immortal Abstruse energies, illusion appears behind the cultivator when cultivating.
  • Death-Demon General Scripture[1365]
    • Allow the understanding of Death Abstruse energies, illusion appears behind the cultivator when cultivating.
  • 100-meters Demon King Scripture[1368]
    • Can summon a 100-meters Demon King, illusion appears behind the cultivator when cultivating.
  • Earth Territory Scripture[1418]
    • Allow the understanding of different Earth Territories.
  • Dream Of Life Scripture[1426]
    • A dream is made for the awareness and the awareness just wanders in a dream for a thousand years. In a dream, everything was an illusion, but on the other hand, the user really practice cultivation and become stronger. This scripture allows to cultivate inside a dream while sleeping and to sleep for months, also because is an illusion, the cultivator can experience past events to simulate a continuous and endless cycle to completely grow from it. It also make cultivation easier than the real world because of how relaxing is to practice while sleeping. Unlike other Acient Scriptures which carries powerful attacks, Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures acts more as an assistance to cultivators.
  • Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures[1716]
    • Extreme Cultivation technique, created by an incredible demonic cultivator. Even if it’s not a complete version, its offensive part is terrifying. It’s powerful, aggressive, and it helps the demon cultivator improve their physical strength. If the rest of the scriptures where to be found, then one could become priceless. Each level has 9 layers, each layer a force falls from heaven, able to kill ordinary cultivators. This scriptures use Kalpa (internal) energies to defy the heavens by teaching users how to draw out and use their Kalpa energies.
  • Celestial Evolution Scripture
    • Boosts brain, talent, and calculation abilities. This scripture is a gift from Yan Di to Lin Feng.
  • Deva-Mara Body Scripture
    • Those scriptures help one's body becoming a Deva-Mara Body, with an iincredible physical strength, they destroy the body on a cellular level and then reform it again, most cultivators are unable to confront the pain and survive, thus leading to their death, the best way to study those scriptures is to bath in a demon pond while learning them, which enable one to bear with the pain a little more and to safely, but slowly, gain a deva-Mara Body, each layer of those scriptures is extremely powerful and can lead to death if not used properly. Lin Feng got this from the ancient Demon Clan in Hell.
  • Wisdom Kings Scriptures
    • These are scriptures that Lin Feng managed to acquire when he killed Juzi in the Celestial Country.


Techniques allows the users to employ amazing magic or special attacks, gives support to themself and others cultivators and techniques and defend from danger.

  • Nine Heavy Waves (Attack/Defense)[5]
  • Sword Unsheathing (Attack)[5]
  • Moonlight Feather (Agility)[5]
  • Roaring Thunder (Attack)[10]
  • Sword of Nirvana (Attack) (Attack)[55]
  • Eight Strikes of Desolation (Attack)[58]
  • Deadly Cross Shadow (Attack)[92]
  • Sword of Scorching Sun (Attack)[229]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
  • Sword of Rising Sun (Attack)[229]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
  • Sword of the Setting Sun (Attack)[230]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
  • Surplus Souls (Soul)[235]
    • Before being able to learn how to use Surplus Souls, a person has to first comprehend the soul and how it functioned. It would enable him to have a clear and distinct perception of the existence of his soul. It would enable him to pierce through the mysteries of the soul. He would be able to transfer his thoughts directly into his soul.
    • The second step of the technique of the Surplus Souls was the spirit movement, it was about comprehending the soul on a much higher level, it was about being able to control the soul and move it to your will, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to use the surplus soul and it would be useless.
    • The third step of the technique of the Surplus Souls was the incomplete soul, it was the most critical step. This step was different from the two others. The incomplete soul was the main part of the technique which made it so powerful. This step was extremely important. While practicing cultivation, the soul would separate into many surplus souls, one or two, but a strong cultivator could obtain a hundred or a thousand surplus souls. The most terrifying cultivators who existed could obtain billions of surplus souls to an almost endless number. The strength of the soul was as vast and powerful as the universe.
    • "Surplus soul allows the user to make small fragments of his soul detach from the real soul. These fragments can be controlled at will and can even be infused with the spirit at will. Lin Feng can fuse the surplus souls with his purple dragon spirit to be able to control the dragon."
  • Cosmos Burning Sun (Attack)[331]
    • Let's the user absorb the power of the sun to use it to burn or set things on fire.
  • Nine Suns Skill (Attack)[552]
    • Spawns up to nine suns to create a powerful fire attack.
  • Celestial Eyes (Miscellaneous)[539]
    • Shows someone's cultivation level.
  • Nine Dragon Palace (Formation)[561]
    • Illusion that creates a big palace, putting each opponent in a separate room. The user can appear in each room and control their formation and structure at will. Uses fog or a similar substitute as medium of activation.
  • Indestructible Golden Body (Body Strengthening Skill)[617]
    • Gives the user the strong body of a golden Buddha Statue
  • Gigantic Demon Hand (Attack)[669]
    • Spawns a giant Demon hand
  • Nine Days Wind Qi (Agility)[689]
  • Nine Skies (Agility)[743]
  • Evil Shadows (Attack) [747]
    • The user summons many evil shadows to attack.
  • Wind Walk (Agility)[823]
  • Real Xiao Yao Step Technique (Agility)[834]
    • Complete version of the sacred skill. Gives the user a tremendous agility.
  • Demon Destruction (Attack)[927]
    • Skill that destroys the opponents energies and oppress their movement.
  • Godly Awareness Palace (Attack/Defense)[930]
    • Use a palace to protect from opponents Godly Awareness attacks and use golden lights to attack enemies.
  • Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique (Attack)[981]
    • Also known as the "So Close Yet So Far" technique.
    • Illusion technique that can allows attacks pass through the user, avoid enemies or entities to get near the user and avoid enemies escape away by manipulating space itself. Each time is used, illusion of snowflakes appears and give Lin Feng a bestial appearance.
  • Empty Space Finger (Attack)[1030]
    • Use a finger with Sword and Space energies to cut everything in the user's path.
  • Great Celestial Demonic Skill (Attack)[1033]
    • Skill that takes over the space around the user and darken the area to oppress the opponents.
  • Demon Fury (Attack)[1033]
  • Insane Demon (Attack)[1033]
  • Thousand Demons, Thousand Claws (Attack)[1033]
    • Spawns thousand demon hands
  • Gigantic Holy Spell (Attack/Defense/Support) [1100]
    • A technique with countless variations.
  • One Thousand Buddha Punches (Attack)[1105]
    • Spawn thousand shadow-like punches
  • Snow Lotus Vitality (Attack)[1105]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • Creates a dazzling golden lotus, which attacks the opponent. Based on a technique from the Celestial Land of Alchemists.
  • Vitality (Attack)[1108]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • Creates seeds to restrain the opponents. Based on a technique from the Celestial Land of Alchemists.
  • Endless Demonic Destruction (Attack/Support)[1127]
    • Skill that creates a demonic field, weakening and polluting holy energies and everything in its path.
  • Sword Raising Technique (Soul)[1136]
    • Allow the user to raise a sword, giving to it a part of the user's soul, becoming one with it in new aspects, making the sword stronger over time, giving it the power of abstruse energies and allowing it to attack by its own.
  • Wind Thunder Laceration (Attack)[1209]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A sword attack which combines both Wind and Thunder Abstruse energies in one single move.
  • Desolate Ksana (Attack)[1206]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A knife-hand strike with one finger that use Empty Space abstruse energies (Ksana) and Desolate abstruse energies (Desolate). Can be mixed with Wind abstruse energies too.
  • Nirvana Sunya Destruction (Attack)[1208]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A move that combines Desolate Qi, Thunder energies and Empty Space energies.
  • Desolate Explosion (Attack)[1215]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • An explosion tat fuse with the user's sword releasing both Fire and Desolate Abstruse energies and moving to all directions.
  • Blood Curse (Curse Spell)[1215]
    • Spell that curse the opponent's blood, drying it and corroding it.
  • Everlasting Ksana (Support)[1218]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • Allows the user to enter in its own Empty Space, escaping from danger.
  • Immaterial Finger (Attack)[1236]
    • Uses infuse a finger with Fire and Empty Space energies to lacerate the space with destructive power.
  • Space Destructive Punch (Attack)[1237]
    • User infuse a punch with deadly Empty Space energies.
  • Celestial Demonic Territory (Attack)[1239]
    • A skill learned from the Three Lives Buddha-Demon skill-set
    • A skill that creates a territory like a small world
  • Deathly Curse Technique/Necromancy (Curse Spell)[1279]
    • A skill that controls the body of the dead.
  • Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song (Demonic song)[1281]
    • A skill learned from the Netherworld Demonic Emperor consciousness thread.
    • A skill that pollutes the Qi of others, turning them in demons and loyal slaves.
  • Chaotic Godly Curse (Curse Spell)[1307]
    • A skill that corrodes the opponents heart, making their thoughts chaotic and taking away their determination.
  • Vayu Death (Attack)[1310]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A skill that fuses 4 types of abstruse energies.
  • Life Drain (Curse Spell)[1434]
    • A skill that quickly drains the vitality of the opponent.
  • Wind Chant (Support)[1564]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A skill that makes Wind energies use a x1000 times of Earth and Sky force to envelope the user, and blowing him away of danger.
  • Great Earth Destruction (Attack)[1569]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A skill that unleash great destructive offensive. Is a fusion mainly of Earth energies with Demon, Empty Space and Thunder energies.
  • Celestial Death Curtain (Attack)[1646]
    • Skill created by Lin Feng.
    • A skill that creates a curtain of immense defensive and power. When filled with shattering energies, it also possess a great offensive power. Is a fusion of Earth, Death, Demon, Wind, and Empty Space energies.
  • Nihility Ksana Waves (Attack)[1682]
    • Skill created by Qing Feng and Lin Feng.
    • A skill that fuse Desolate Ksana and Great Earth Destruction by focusing the fusion in the speed factor. When filled with shattering energies, it also possess a great offensive power. Is know to a fusion of Earth, Death, Demon, Desolate, Wind, and Empty Space energies and possibly many more.
  • Godly Animal Rule (Attack)[1706]
    • Skill from the Animal Clan and is received in the form of Sanskrit characters and terrifying images.
    • A skill that is known for being extremely aggressive and explosive. It rules the physical body, the earth and sky with pure power.
  • Nine Kalpa Swords (Attack)[1719]
    • A skill that creates nine threads of Kalpa strength and turning them into swords filled with wind cosmic energy.
  • Qi Disguise (Miscellaneous)
    • Disguise someone's own Qi type
  • Supreme Way of Death (Attack)
    • Any enemy dies by Lin Feng's glance. Lin Feng acquires this ability by murdering 100.000+ martial emperors creating an endless mountain of dead bodies.
  • Supreme Way of Life (Support)
    • Lin Feng's ability to heal any disease and trauma, even recover from death.
  • Wu Tian Nether Sword (Attack)
    • Special sword that destroys the mind of his enemy, piercing their Divine Palace.
  • Artisan Way Master (Attack/Support)
    • Lin Feng is strongest Way Master in the world, creating Holy "saint" marks capable of mass murder or mass healing.
  • Bestial Desolate Awareness (Attack)
    • Use Desolate Qi to attack opponents.
  • Purple Tank (Attack)
  • Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill (Attack)[2006]
    • A sage-level technique that Lin Feng acquired when he undertook the challenge of the Holy Way Stage.
  • Saint Qin Shan's Suppression Techniques (Attack)[2030]
  • Great Empty Space Technique (Attack)[2237]
    • A technique that is similar to the So-Close-Yet-So-Far technique, but far more powerful. Lin Feng acquired the technique from the library of the Fortune Shrine.
  • Cage of Darkness (Attack)[2331]
    • A sage level illusion technique that Lin Feng learned when he was attacked by the Black Phoenix Clan.
  • Celestial Dao Destiny Technique (Attack)[2404]
    • A technique received from the God for completing the trials of the Godly Grave.
    • The Celestial Dao Destiny Technique allows the user to read and manipulate the destinies of those targeted.
  • Great Sky Deceiving Illusion Technique (Defense)[2484]
    • A technique created by Lin Feng whereby he uses original illusion strength with other original strengths to prevent opponents from attacking his real body.
  • Ruler's Godly Imprints (Attack)[2488]
    • An saint's level technique that is an evolution of the World of the Living Imprints made by fusing original strengths.

Deployment Spells

  • Shattering[1582]
    • A spell learned from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance.
    • A “shattering” deployment spell was used to break through things. It was most effectively used with Earth abstruse or cosmic energy.
  • Illusion[1587]
    • A spell learned from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance.
    • An “illusion” deployment spell was used to create illusionary barriers. It was most effectively used with Illusion abstruse or cosmic energy.
  • Teleporting[1603]
    • A spell learned from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance.
    • A “teleporting” deployment spell was used to teleport things. It was most effectively used with Empty Space abstruse or cosmic energy.
  • Nine Dragons Fire[1620]
    • A spell learned from the Mu Clan.
    • An offensive deployment spell used to create great fire explosions. It was most effectively used with Fire abstruse or cosmic energy.
  • Great Atmosphere Sealing Imprint Deployment Spell[2357]
    • A spell learned from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance.
    • A deployment spell that creates a golden space in which the only one can see is the caster.


  • Protector Bei's Flexible Sword
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this item.
  • Long Sword
  • Jar of Profound Medicine
  • Saint Armament
  • Nine Evil Swords[369]
    • Lin Feng cannot control the evil swords with his cultivation and as such, the swords attempt to control, causing him to lose his consciousness to the swords on multiple occasions. Lin Feng attempts to use one of the evil swords to defend against Wu Tian Jian's sword within the sword graveyard of Jiange, only to have the sword directly eaten by the sword.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses these items.
  • Fire Banner[463]
    • Lin Feng got this Banner when he was in the small world that Yan Di was sealed in and is a Tian level weapon but Lin Feng does not use it after breaking through the Tian Layer.
  • Blood-Thirsty Sword (Physical) [623]
    • The Blood-Thirsty Sword was used very often during the Great Competition of Xue Yu and he stops using it once he gets to the Tian Chi Empire.
  • Blood-Thirsty Sword (Intent)[625]
  • Sealed-Evil Stone Plate[732]
    • The stone tablet was a stone which came from ancient ages and could seal evil deities. Rumors said that the stone tablet used to be one but it had then be broken into four or five pieces. He uses a piece to help seal the evil swords. Later in the Valley of Death he breaks a giant Demon Seal Stone into thousands of pieces to free the 3-Lives-Demon and later picks up various sizes of the demon seal stone. He stops using it after losing the Nine Evil Swords and breaking through Zun Qi Layer.
  • Jade Emperor's Heart[815]
    • The Jade Emperor's Heart is a peerless treasure that Lin Feng acquired that is the entire grave of the Jade Emperor's Tomb. There are countless treasures inside the Tomb along with a couple dozen prisoners from Gan Yu.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this item, was broken by Cang Ling after Lin Feng and Cang Xiao desappeared during their battle.[1724] Was replaced by Lin Feng's Small World.
  • Tian Xuan Stone[847]
    • The Tian Xuan Stone is the Tian Xuan Peak's most important treasure and Lin Feng inherited it from his master, Mister Xue, becoming the leader of Tian Xuan. Allow the learning of Earth and Sky energies. After massacring the other Sects of Gan Yu, Lin Feng gave it back to the new leader of Tian Xuan because he didn't need it anymore.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this item, having returned it to the Tian Chi Empire.
  • Tian Ji Sword[952]
    • The sword is held by the leader of the Tian Chi Empire and was given to Lin Feng by Tian Ji Zi. With it's innate abilities, it helps users with their cultivation. It possess Stars energies which can be used to create starlights, to attack enemies and defend against attacks[1049]. After Lin Feng is told about the advantages of sword cultivation in Jiange, he starts to cultivate the sword and gives it some of his sword fragments. While Lin Feng is participating in Fortune City, he manages to get a thunder heart which he feels to the sword in order to give its first soul, a thunder soul and thus upgrades its strength to that of a Holy Weapon.[1170]. During the Hunt of Fate seed, his Sword already has 6 souls and can kill with just using his thoughts. Before preparing to leave to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, he meets with Mu Lin Xue to refine the Tian Ji Sword as an Imperial Weapon, allowing the sword to cultivate Cosmic energies, but needing to be cleansed again in the end. [1661]
    • Former Holy Weapon, upgraded to Imperial Weapon.
  • Yang Clan Space Boat[973]
    • After Lin Feng and Yang Zi Ye get stranded in the middle of the Desolate Sea, Yang Zi Ye wrecked her boat and Yan Di secretly fixed it and Lin Feng said he did in order to keep it. He got a second one from Yang Zi Lan during the Recruitment of Tian Tai, and later one was given to Qiu Yue Xin as a wedding present, and the other to Huang Fu Long as a way for him to move around.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this items, having given it to Qiu Yiu Xin and Huang Fu Long.
  • Space Sealing Banner[1084]
    • Lin Feng got this Holy Weapon after the Yang Clan sent 2 Zun cultivators after him to kill him, tricking the Zun cultivator into thinking Lin Feng died in the Desolate Sea, Lin Feng grabbed the Zun cultivator and dunked him in the sea killing him. He stops using it after going to the Great World.
  • Fang Tianhua Halbert[1097]
    • Obtained inside a Small World deep inside the Huang Sea. It was possessed by the spirit of a Zun Cultivator in order to survive after his body died in a fight . He repaired it in Fortune City.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this item, having given it to Tang Rui, Tang You You's younger brother, as a gift when he is searching for Tang You You.[1306]
  • Sunset Bow[1098]
    • He got this in a small world under under the Desolate Sea and it had a small crack in the handle causing it to become a low level holy weapon but later fixes it in Fortune City for the cost of 10k seeds, it becomes a peerless holy weapon and Lin Feng sells it for 1 million seeds, using those seeds to fix all the other broken holy weapons in his possession and selling the low grade ones or the ones he doesn't want back to the shrine to buy back the Sunset Bow. He stops using it after going to the Great World.
  • Cursing Scepter[1099]
    • Lin Feng gets this Peerless Holy Weapon in a small world under the Desolate Sea after studying some curse marks on the wall hidden by a dead emperor. During the events of the Qi Family assassination while Emperor Qi was away, in order to escape alive, Lin Feng cursed himself while fusing with the Specter as a last resort, giving him a permanent radical increase to his cursing energies, at cost of the specter, turning him in the specter himself.[1467] After the incident, Lin Feng spent days hiding trying to modify his body in order to finally assimilate all the leaking energies inside him, allowing him to use the full extend of the cursing energies without any consequence.[1468]
  • Golden Imperial Throne[1100]
    • Lin Feng gets this throne right before teleporting out of the small world under the Desolate Sea.
  • Ksana Empty Space Robe[1186]
    • Lin Feng gets this Peerless Holy Weapon in Fortune City allowing him to study Empty Space energies better and while wearing the Ksana Empty Space Robe, he can enter his own small world for a few seconds in battle to gain an advantage in positioning.
  • Tears of Life (Holy Water)[1187]
    • Lin Feng gets this in Fortune City and it has the ability to heal severe wounds.
    • Lin Feng no longer possesses this item, having given it to Yi Ren Lei in the 6th floor of Snow and Ice Shrine.
  • Golden Tower[1245]
    • Lin Feng steals this Treasure off of Qi Tian Sheng after killing him at the Wen's place, later trapping Qi Jiao Jiao in the tower to keep as a prisoner.
  • Demon Flute[1283]
    • Lin Feng disguised as the Black Mage fights Si Kong Xiao to obtain the Demon Flute, even after winning the fight restraining his power to keep his disguise in tact, he gives the flute to Si Kong Xiao and leaves, immediately coming back as Lin Feng with Jiange to steal it back from him once again, after defeating him for a second time.
  • Jade Emperor Gigantic Axe[1419]
    • Lin Feng gets this while looting the last rooms inside the "Jade Emperor's Palace". This Axe contains pure terrifying strength and nothing more, it isn't even sharp, but is strong enough to easily surpass peerless holy weapons.
  • Fate Seeds[1438]
    • After the events of the Hunt of Fate Seeds, Lin Feng gets to collect a big amount of Fate seeds for himself, even after giving a life Fate Seed to Yi Ren Lei during their encounter inside the ancient battlefield. After discovering having a younger brother after been more than 3 years away of home, out of joy and happiness, he takes out 9 Fate Seeds and decides to gift Lin Wu Shang the one he liked the most to help him during his future cultivation which resulted been the Earth Fate Seed[1441]. After learning deployment spells and getting Celestial Qi Castle's trust, he offered to make a protection spell for then but needing some Earth fate seeds for the process, thus gaining again the Earth fate seed, after gaving one to his brother in the past. [1595]
  • Bronze Plate[1535]
    • This plate was purchase by Lin Feng in a Stoll from an old man for 5 abstruse tablets under the assumption of been related to the Everlasting Cave of the Immortals. it real form is one of a gigantic building, an Everlasting Celestial Palace.
  • Deployment Talismans[1587]
    • Deployment weapon learned from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's inheritance.
    • Lin Feng creates them by infusing different kinds of energies to provide many different variations, be it for attack, defence or support. Some of his talismans are:
      • Wind-Space speed talismans: created by carving holy marks with wind and empty space strength, and then put them in a talisman, so that his speed would increase by a lot.
      • Demon-Fire attack talismans: created by carving holy marks with demonic, fire strength and the "shattering" spell together, and then put them all in a talisman, to create powerful and fearful explosions able to break anything and to burn with demonic fire the opponent.
      • Illusion talismans: hinted to be created by carving holy marks with the "illusion" spell, and then put them in a talisman, creating a illusion barrier and trapping opponents inside.
  • Cosmic Energy Ring[1594]
    • This ring absorbs cosmic energy and processes cosmic energy automatically. It allows Lin Feng to use the cosmic energy from that ring to carve deployment marks instead of his own abstruse energies, making stronger spells.
  • Earth Armor[1626]
    • This level 2 Imperial Armor was created by Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng to both increase Mu Lin Xue weapon manufacturer title and as to practice creating stronger weapons for the competition of Gold-Fire Tower. It was created using a defensive spell of the Mu Clan modified by Lin Feng and Earth abstruse energies, making it stronger that what it was intended. Lin Xue tells Lin Feng to keep the armor as a thanks for helping her to make her first leel 2 Treasure. He tried to resing but after seeing Mu Qing Ling expression, he amusedly accepted it.
  • Silver Spear[1640]
    • This level 4 Imperial Weapon was created by Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng during the Weapon manufacturing competition of Gold-Fire Tower and thanks to this weapon, they won the first seat which freed Lin Xue from her problems and gave Lin Feng the protection of Gold-Fire Tower. This weapon was created with Earth, Immortal and Wind energies together with a dual deployment spell inscription using shattering and teleportation spells, which allow the user to easily shatter the opponent's defense and allow the weapon to be instantly teleported, attacking the opponent's blind spots. Because of the complexity of the deployment spells used and the abilities given during the creation, is considered a dangerous imperial weapon compared to most weapons of the same level, despise the fact that Spears are considered weak in both creation and encarving.
  • Thunder Hammer[1689]
    • This level 7 Imperial Weapon was obtained by Lin Feng while trying to scape from strong cultivators of the Thunder Clan after stealing a statue in the Celestial Evolution Holy Palace.
  • Sun Disc[1695]
    • This Great Imperial Weapon was obtained by Lin Feng after killing Yang Yan who tried to kill him out of jealousy because of his relation with Yi Ren Lei when he failed to become an Emperor. This treasure increase the potency of Fire energies to be similar to the power of the sun, creating great destruction when used.
  • Celestial Evolution Chessboard[1690]
    • This treasure was inside the Statue Lin Feng stole in the Celestial Evolution Holy Palace. When he tried to inspect it, a connection between the treasure and him was made. The chessboard possess a world on its own, which is in constant evolution. I t also produce evolution strength which can fuse with Lin Feng's Godly Awareness.
  • Godly Awareness Telepathy Jade Talisman[1717]
    • This treasure allows cultivator to communicate each other via Godly Awareness at long distances. Is able to contain many Godly awareness and because of this is very popular between Holy Clans.
  • Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron[2127]
    • Lin Feng got the Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron when he went to the Celestial Remarkable Deployment Ministry, as a result, he earned the ire of the previous owner. The cauldron can take souls and use them as strength. Lin Feng's soul has merged with the cauldron and when he uses the cauldron, one must destroy the cauldron in order to destroy Lin Feng's soul.
  • God's Sword[2369]
    • A sword created by Weapon Master Bing with the assistance Lin Feng. The sword was created using saints bodies and contains five types of strength; speed, power, soul, illusion and absorbing.
  • Scepter of Destiny[2471]
    • The Scepter of Destiny is the symbol of the Fortune Shrine and was given to Lin Feng by the Fortune Shrine's Leader after being told that he would understand the reasoning one day.



  • Patriarch, today, you have to understand me and what I had to go through. I don’t know when Mo Xie will try to kill me again. I also don’t know exactly how many people like Mo Xie and Lu Yuan there are in the sect. Even if an elite disciple is a high status within the Yun Hai Sect, it is still lower than that of an Elder. Much like all the times before, if an Elder wants to kill me, he can do it freely whenever he wants, as if I am nothing but a piece of trash that they can dispose of at any time. This is all that we disciples mean to the sect[79].
  • In fact, all of this is not happening because of you. It is happening because in this world, strength and power are the most important things. Without strength or power then your life is not valued. This is exactly where the problem lies and it has deep roots within the sects[79].
  • There are some things, when you do them, you never regret them. Being drunk , singing, talking loudly etc... All of these are humane things to do. But human beings need dignity, otherwise life is useless. There were some things which had to be done even if they were wrong[108].
  • If you don't want me to close your filthy mouth for eternity then don't force me to listen to your bullshit again[112].
  • A single person's ability is indeed limited, but there are endless possibilities on the path of cultivation. You're like a frog at the bottom of a well, you have such a small outlook and little experience, so you judge the world based on your own ability. You act like you know everything, but you actually understand nothing[492].
  • Let me be the first to tell you that you can't kill as you wish without expecting backlash. You may have power and influence but that does not make you an exception. There could always be a day where the same thing happens to you[598].
  • Well, when I look at your face, my fine liquor seems tasteless. When you drink a fine liquor, you need to pay attention to whom you're looking at. If you look at a beautiful girl, the alcohol tastes sweet and rich, however, when I look at you, my alcohol is difficult to swallow[907].
  • You can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet find what you are looking for when you have stopped searching.
  • You’re ridiculous. I’ve killed a few emperors’ sons already, but you’re probably too old to understand what I am saying[1450]!
  • Your mistake won’t only get other people killed, it will get you killed as well[1538].
  • Revenge was a dish best served cold[1550].
  • I was born in an ordinary clan, and I didn’t start practicing cultivation until I was fifteen years old. I never received anything to help me level up quickly, including medicine, but now that my abstruse energies are almost all at the highest level, you’re telling me that I don’t deserve to break through to the Huang Qi layer[1693]?
  • If the gods abandon me, I’ll defy the Heavens[1694].
  • I just glanced at you. Why act that aggressively? Is that the social status you’re talking about? Being too weak to withstand a gust of wind[1942]?
  • Some people rise, some people die. My Path is about death, but how could I die? Death is my Path[1953]!
  • The path of emotionlessness is bullshit. If you’re emotionless, you don’t care about anything, you also don’t care about enlightenment. Being free and unrestrained is the best way to achieve enlightenment, not emotionlessness. Using Marks of the Path to understand Dao is stupid for example, it’s not pure. So it’s even worse if someone makes you do something[2007].
  • If the Dao wants to steal you from me, then I’ll destroy your Dao[2007]!
  • Of course, that’s probably only temporary. if I had broken through to the Di Qi layer, I would have been able to kill you in the blink of an eye[2259].
  • First, many people tried to kill me back then in Qi Tian Holy Town. I don’t know where the insignificant ones have disappeared to except for you and Xue Ao, so you must kill yourselves. Second, the order must have come from high up in the hierarchy, the one who gave that order must kneel down in front of me and apologize to me and my wife, and be jailed for twenty years. If you can do those things, I’ll accept your proposition[2284].
  • Chu Chun Qiu went against the will of Heaven, against Nature. I don’t follow the will of Heaven, but I don’t go against it, either! I am just my own God, I control everything[2387]!
  • Sometimes, when you don’t understand something, you look in the wrong direction. It’s like when you’re walking; if you choose the wrong direction, you can walk further and further, you’ll be exhausted, but you won’t find the right way. All you have to do is turn around and find the right way[2389]!
  • In a chaotic world, the only solution is to slaughter your enemies[2407].
  • When I started practicing cultivation, my cultivation level was much lower than yours. I started at the Qi layer. Back in the days, I admired cultivators. For me, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and the Tian Qi layer were extraordinary cultivators. Such levels were out of reach for me. If I hadn’t thought that way, I don’t think I would have progressed at all. I would have never become a Tian level cultivator. But now I’m a Saint, what is the Tian Qi layer to me? Don’t think that you can’t surpass me even if you are slow-witted. Never give up, grand talents mature slowly. Many people are slow-witted, but they still have good aptitudes, they practice slowly, but they can also become very strong. Talent is helpful until a certain point, that’s all. Talent cannot determine which cultivation level you’ll reach in your life, what does is your heart. Your heart, that’s your intent. Your intent makes you unbreakable. You can bend, but not break. But you also need to be realistic, cultivation is something you do step by step. You must be determined to become better each day. Someday, you’ll reach the end[2419].
  • Dao is an accumulation. To understand Dao, you must accumulate enough strength. You can’t just study and learn Dao like this. I first understood Life and Death Dao. I remember, when I understood Dao, I was on the battlefield of the Celestial Country. I killed many, many strong cultivators before understanding Dao. There were mountains of corpses around me. Other people can only give you pieces of advice regarding Dao, but they can’t help you find your Dao[2419].
  • I’m going to use a Saint’s technique I created, it took me eight hundred years to create it. During those eight hundred years, I studied cursing strength for two hundred years, then I studied the movements of the Qi of the earth and the sky, then I fused the Qi of the earth and the sky and the cursing strength together. After that, I spent some years traveling. I continued studying cursing strength, and water too. I realized that cursing and water strength had something in common, then it took me another hundred years to fuse them together, and then in the end I used all that knowledge to create a Saint’s technique[2477].
  • It seems like the Shrines were right. There was no Forbidden Body a thousand years ago. No wonder they couldn’t find any. No wonder you spent so many years for your conspiracy. If I had willingly fused together with the Demon King, he would have become a god and nobody would have been able to ruin his plan[2498]!


  • Lin Feng is a Dual Spirit User, a Beast Spirit type and a Unique Spirit type.
  • Lin Feng strength is portrayed as law-breaking in the world of cultivation.
  • Thanks to Meng Qing Celestial Qi inside Lin Feng, he was able to control it to the point of developing two third eyes, a Human one with the Godly Awareness Palace, and a Beast one with one with Pure Desolation energies.
  • Lin Feng knows more than 10 types of energies.
  • Lin Feng's path is one of a fighter's.